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Here at Pendle Support we are committed to continually providing high standards of care that is personalised towards the needs of the people we support. Personal care is always provided in a dignified and professional manner. The personal care services that we offer include:

  • Assisting in/out of bed
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Assistance with Toileting
  • Providing emotional and psychological support
  • Prompting & Administering medication
Advice and Support

It can often be hard to know where to turn when someone requires support or care. Here at Pendle Support we understand that it is often very difficult to find advice on what support is available or indeed what options are available to suit individual needs. 

We have many years experience in care and have a wide range of resources available to enable us to help get the best possible outcomes for people. 

We are able to offer support around what services may be able to help and how to access them. We also can help people understand the processes involved to make things easier to understand. 

We also understand that people have rights and that their individual choices should be respected at all times.

Our role is to support people to be as independent as possible but yet enable them to live their lives in the way they want to.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any advice or support on any aspect of care. 

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Domestic Care

Domestic Care or Home Care support can often be an important part of maintaining someone’s independence at home. We can provide services that enable people to get that extra help in areas where they may need it. This might be to free up time to do other things or just provide that support to make life easier and more manageable. Support will be provided around the requirements and needs of the person supported. This support can be on a permanent or temporary basis and can be changed as often as required. We understand that people’s needs and abilities constantly change and we ensure our support reflects this.

Types of Domestic Care and Services Available

There are a lot of different kinds of services that we can deliver. These include but are not limited to:

Meal Preparation

We can help with advice on healthy and nutritious daily meals

Household Cleaning

We can help with the household cleaning regime

Laundry and ironing

We can help with the laundry and ironing regime


We can help with the weekly shopping and budgeting

Accompanying on outings

We help with getting out and about with accompanied outings


We can help with keeping on top of the gardening

Budgeting Support

We can help with managing domestic budgets

Pendle Support Domestic Care

Personal Budgets and Broker Support

We understand that maintaining and managing a personal budget can sometimes be hard. Here at Pendle Support we are able to offer support on how to get the best out of a personal budget. We can:

  • Make a personalised plan to look at costs and then provide support to make the plan a reality.
  • Offer support to gain access to other services that you may wish to access
  • Enable you to become more involved in your local community
  • Regularly review outcomes and support to ensure that your aspirations and goals are being achieved
  • Help you to live an independent a lifestyle as possible and promote your choices in the way you wish to live

Personal Budgets explained… Your personal budget/Individual budget is the money you get (from the Council and other funding streams) to spend on your Self -Directed Support (SDS). This is support that you decide and control, in other words you control the money for support – Personal Budget. In order to get a Personal Budget, you will need to be eligible to receive support from the Council. You must complete your local authority Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ).

Your local authority may use another term for this kind of form. You can get help (from your advocate/representative/friend/carer etc.) with completing this if you need it. This assessment will identify your needs, it generally looks at aspects of your life that have been affected due to your impairment, such as: your personal care needs, your health and safety, social inclusion/activities etc… 

You will be requested to fill in a financial assessment as well. After submitting these to your local authority, social services will then decide your Indicative Personal Budget, i.e. an estimate of the amount you may need to meet your care requirements. Your support plan.

Following that, you will be asked to draw up a Support Plan either on your own or with the help of another (it could be a broker, family member, social worker, friend, etc…). Before you write your plan, think about what is working and what is not working in your life, and what support you need. The plan needs to be agreed by the social worker/care manager prior to any funding being released to the self directed support (SDS) recipient. The plan will state how you intend to spend the money and will ask various questions that you will need to answer such as the following:

  • What is important to you?
  • Who can help me make important decisions?
  • What do you want to change in your life?
  • How will you arrange your support?
  • How will you spend your personal budget money?
  • How will you manage your support?
  • How will you stay in control?
  • How much will my support cost?

What are the goals you wish to achieve?

The support plan should identify how you are going to meet your needs and what support you require to assist you to achieve your goals. You need to be quite clear on how you will be supported in the correct way before you can actually use your Personal Budget.

Your support plan will also be reviewed regularly at least once every year in order to check whether your circumstances have changed and whether the goals of your plan are being met.

Please see the website In Control for more details

The next step is to get your Support Plan agreed by your social worker/care manager in order for you to receive your Personal Budget. Your social worker will not approve your support plan

  • if it does not outline your needs and how these needs are going to be met
  • if it does not identify how you are going to keep healthy and safe
  • if it does not state how you are going to organise your support.

A full assessment of care needs must be undertaken prior to our service commencing. This is a legal requirement set upon us.

Once this initial assessment has taken place, the cost of the care to be provided by us will be calculated according to the level of care required for each individual person.

For example; someone who requires a high degree of personal care and medication assistance would have a higher costing per hour than someone with more basic needs.

Costs are fully discussed prior to any care commencing.

Payments of Multi Vouchers, Direct Payments, Independent Living Funding or Private funding are accepted. We also accept referrals directly from Social Services.

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